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BasementArtsProject presents . . .

Sunday 17th July

6pm – 7pm

Attacking Gentrification–The Anarchitecture of Adrian Blackwell

A Talk by Allan Antliff

Since the 1990s, artist-architect Adrian Blackwell has been engaging with
the forces of gentrification in one of North America’s largest cities,
Toronto. Allan Antliff, who is currently a research fellow at the Henry Moore Institute, will unpack the anarchist politics of Blackwell’s work
and his strategies for disrupting gentrification through art.

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Adrian Blackwell is a visual artist, architect, and urban designer whose
work focuses on the uneven development of Postfordist Urbanization. His
artwork has been exhibited at artist-run centers and museums across Canada
and at the 2005 Shenzhen, China Biennale of Urbanism/Architecture. Recent
work includes the exhibition of Model for a public space [knot] at the
Justina M. Barnicke Gallery and a Garden Design for the 2009
International Garden Festival in Metis, Quebec in collaboration with Jane
He co-edited Unboxed: Engagements in Social Space with Jen Budney in 2005
and his writings about urban issues have been published in Fuse Magazine,
Urban China, Architecture and Ideas, and Networked Cultures: Parallel
Architectures and the Politics of Space. He is on the editorial collective
of SCAPEGOAT Architecture/ Landscape/ Political Economy and has taught
architecture and urban design at the University of Toronto, Canada since
Allan Antliff, holds the Canada Research Chair in Art History at the
University of Victoria, where he is Director of the Anarchist Archive.
Antliff is author of Anarchist Modernism: Art, Politics, and the First
American Avan-Garde (2001), Anarchy and Art: From the Paris Commune to the
Fall of the Berlin Wall (2007) and the editor of Only a Beginning: An
Anarchist Anthology (2004). Art editor for the journals Anarchist Studies
and Anarchist Developments in Cultural Studies, he has published numberous
art reviews and feature articles on contemporary art in Canadian Art
Magazine, Fuse Magazine, C Magazine, and Galleries West.



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